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Air Canada Passenger Incident: A Shocking Turn of Events

StoriesAir Canada Passenger Incident: A Shocking Turn of Events


Air Canada Passenger flight from Toronto to Dubai took a drastic and dangerous action by opening a cabin door and falling to the tarmac before the plane’s takeoff on Monday evening. The incident not only caused injuries to the individual but also led to significant delays for the flight.

Incident Details

The Boeing 777 was on the tarmac at Toronto Pearson International Airport, preparing for takeoff when the passenger, who had initially boarded the aircraft normally, opened a cabin door on the opposite side, diverting from the standard boarding procedure. The fall resulted in injuries to the passenger, prompting the involvement of emergency services and authorities.

Response and Delay

Air Canada confirmed that the incident occurred during the boarding of flight AC056. Despite following approved boarding and cabin operating procedures, the passenger’s actions caused considerable disruption.
Experiencing a nearly six-hour delay, the flight, scheduled to carry 319 passengers, immediately called in emergency services and authorities to address the situation.

Emergency Services and Investigation

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Peel Regional Police, and Peel EMS collaborated to provide support and determine immediate needs. Peel police, responding to the call around 9 p.m., revealed that the individual was in a state of crisis during the incident and suffered minor injuries from the fall. The passenger was apprehended, received necessary treatment at a local hospital, and is reported to have non-life-threatening injuries.

Airline’s Statement

Air Canada expressed that it is continuing to investigate the incident. The airline emphasized that all approved boarding and cabin operating procedures were followed. The shocking nature of the event raises questions about the individual’s motives and mental state during the incident.

Unraveling the Delay

The delay of nearly six hours underscores the severity and complexity of the situation. The disruption not only affected the passengers but also created logistical challenges for the airline, airport authorities, and emergency services involved.

Things You Should Know About This Shocking Incident

1. Why was there a delay in Air Canada flight AC056 from Toronto to Dubai?

Answer: A passenger aboard the Boeing 777 caused the delay by opening a cabin door and falling to the tarmac before takeoff. This action resulted in injuries and necessitated an emergency response.

2. What led to the passenger falling out of the Air Canada plane before takeoff?

Answer: The passenger deviated from the normal boarding process, opened a cabin door on the opposite side of the aircraft, and fell to the tarmac, causing injuries.

3. Did the incident with the passenger opening the cabin door cause any significant injuries?

Answer: The passenger suffered relatively minor injuries from falling onto the tarmac, and Peel paramedics transported them to a trauma center for treatment.

4. How long was the delay for flight AC056, and what was the reason behind it?

Answer: The delay for flight AC056 was nearly six hours, resulting from the time taken to address the incident, investigate the scene, and provide necessary medical attention to the injured passenger.

5. Were proper boarding and cabin operating procedures followed by Air Canada during the incident?

Answer: Air Canada reported that they followed all approved boarding and cabin operating procedures, even considering the unusual behavior exhibited by the passenger.

6. How did emergency services and authorities respond to the situation at Toronto Pearson International Airport?

Answer: Promptly calling in emergency services and authorities, Peel Regional Police, Peel EMS, and airport authorities collaborated closely to provide support for the injured passenger.

7. What actions were taken by Peel Regional Police upon responding to the incident?

Answer: Peel Regional Police determined that the individual was in a state of crisis, apprehended the passenger, and transported them to a local hospital for necessary treatment.

8. Did authorities arrest the passenger who opened the cabin door, and have they filed any charges against them?

Answer: The information does not specify whether the passenger was arrested or faced charges for their behavior.

9. Were there any immediate consequences for the passenger’s actions, aside from the delay of the flight?

Answer: The passenger suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Any legal consequences for their actions are not specified in the provided information.

10. How did Toronto Pearson International Airport collaborate with Air Canada and local authorities to address the incident?

Answer: The airport authorities collaborated with the airline, Peel Regional Police, and Peel EMS to provide support and determine the immediate needs in response to the incident.

Air Canada Flight AC056 Incident Summary

Air Canada Flight AC056 faced a nearly six-hour delay at Toronto Pearson Airport due to a passenger’s disruptive behavior. The passenger, deviating from standard boarding procedures, opened a cabin door on the Boeing 777 and fell to the tarmac, sustaining minor injuries. Emergency services, including Peel Regional Police, responded swiftly. Air Canada maintained that all approved procedures were followed. Toronto Pearson Airport collaborated effectively with authorities to address the incident’s aftermath. The passenger, deemed to be in a state of crisis, was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Legal consequences for the disruptive behavior remain unspecified. The incident highlighted the need for immediate medical attention, impacting the flight schedule and revealing the importance of inter-agency cooperation at airports.


The incident involving the Air Canada passenger is a highly unusual and concerning event. The fallout from this incident goes beyond the immediate delay, raising questions about security protocols, passenger well-being, and the potential need for enhanced safety measures. As investigations continue, the aviation industry will likely assess the incident’s implications for passenger safety and security procedures.


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